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Gluten, Grain & Nut Free Baking Alternative

9g protein & 4g fiber per serving

Product Description

With SunFlour® you can turn your favorite gluten and grain free baked good into a nutrition powerhouse. Substitute over half the flour in your traditional gluten free mix and improve the taste and texture, while meeting your daily protein and fiber requirements. SunFlour has 66% fewer carbohydrates than traditional gluten free flours, so your waist will love them too. SunFlour has more protein than any other seed, nut, or grain and 25% more protein than meat! If you are going Keto or Paleo, try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour; or add a quarter cup to your smoothies for a protein boost! 

Natural Protein & Fiber

  • 9g Protein for muscle development and increased metabolism and energy
  • 4g Fiber for digestive health and sustained fullness
  • Protein & Fiber work in synergy for maintaining healthy weight
  • 13 Vitamins & Minerals to support immunity, heart health and longevity
  • Whole, natural source of protein and fiber with no weird stuff!


Sunflower seed flour (SunFlour®).

No gluten, wheat, nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, corn, or GMO.

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