Think.Eat.Live. $25 Gift Certificate


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Give the gift of health!  For friends and family who are health nuts, avoiding common allergens, trying to eat high protein low carb diets,  or just wanting a delicious and nutritious treat, this is the perfect gift!  

A Think.Eat.Live. $25 gift certificate may be applied to any order amount. Online purchases will automatically only apply the gift card to product purchase (not shipping and tax). We are happy to apply gift certificate amounts to the entire order amount for orders placed by phone (or if recipient requests in the notes section at checkout online).  No refunds for overages not spent.

If you purchase more than one gift card for the same individual, we will happily combine and send one e-gift card for the total amount.

Please specify in the 'Notes' section whether you would like the gift certificate emailed to you or directly to the recipient.  If to the recipient, please provide their name and email address as well and any greeting from you.  They will get all details on how to redeem when we send the gift certificate. 

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