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Grain Free & Nut Free Baking Alternative

9g protein & 4g fiber per serving

Product Description

With SunFlour® you can turn your favorite gluten free baked good into a nutrition powerhouse. Substitute over half the flour in your traditional gluten free mix and improve the taste and texture, while meeting your daily protein and fiber requirements. SunFlour has 66% fewer carbohydrates than traditional gluten free flours, so your waist will love them too. SunFlour has more protein than any other nut. If you are going Paleo, try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour for baking; or add a quarter cup to your smoothies for a protein boost! 

Natural Protein & Fiber

  • 9g Protein for muscle development and increased metabolism and energy
  • 4g Fiber for digestive health and sustained fullness
  • Protein & Fiber work in synergy for maintaining healthy weight
  • 13 Vitamins & Minerals to support immunity, heart health and longevity
  • Whole, natural source of protein and fiber with no weird stuff!


Sunflower seed flour (SunFlour®).

No gluten, wheat, nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, corn, or GMO.

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