Paleo SunFlour Pizza Crust Mix


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Back by popular demand!!!

You've got to try our high protein, grain free, plant-based pizza crust mix made with SunFlour!

It's so versatile and fits nicely into Paleo, Vegan, anti-inflammatory and low carb / high protein diets. 

Top your pizza your way- whichever way your favor your pie, our 'you'd-never-know-they're-grain-free' pizza crusts wow the tastebuds of everyone who savors gourmet pizza!

Each bag makes two 10" pizza crusts.

In addition to the amazing taste and texture, unlike any grain free crust you'll have, you'll love the nutritional profile of our SunFlour Pizza Crust Mix too! Check it out:

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/4 pizza (90 g)
Servings per Container about 4

Calories 249 (Calories from Fat 135)
Total Fat 15g (23% daily value; saturated fat 1 g/ 4% daily value;  trans fat 0)
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 140 mg (6% daily value)
Total Carbohydrate 25 g (8% daily value;  dietary fiber 5 g/ 20% daily value;  sugars 3 g)
Protein 7 g (8%)

Ingredients:  SunFlour® (sunflower seed flour), sweet potato flour, arrowroot flour, coconut palm sugar (nectar from the coconut flower blossom), salt, chia flour, xanthan, garlic powder, black pepper. 

To make the crusts, you'll also need to have on hand yeast and coconut palm sugar or another Paleo sugar source like honey.  The reason?  The yeast gives off gas that feeds on the sugar and makes the dough proof properly.

Want to make your own pizza crust with SunFlour instead of a mix?  Check out our Keto/Paleo Recipes for one tasty version!

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